Thursday, 23 February 2012

Online journal, entry 11

Per Viggo Bergsvik - Final Year Project
Online journal, entry 10

I have now tracked footage with Boujou, set the camera up in 3ds max, and begun animation. I need to finish about 15 seconds of animation, and that's not so much. My robot rig seems to be working perfectly so far, although I realise that some parts of my robot could be better designed in terms of movement. For example, the elbow joint has rotation points on two different places, which makes it a little wierd to control. It's descision I made when designing the robot, and it's not wrong, but it definately could be better. 

Other issues is the camera Fov (field of view) , which was a little hard to match in 3ds max as the file from Boujou did not contain the right one. I used a 35mm lens when filming, but when I changed the lens in Max to this it looked wrong. I have set up the camera approximately now though, and it works so far. I'm now on blocking animation. I'll post a preview of my blocking so far on the two first shots.



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