Thursday, 16 February 2012

Online journal, entry 10

Per Viggo Bergsvik - Final Year Project
Online journal, entry 10

I put together the photos i shot at my filming day today, into a full hdri that I can use for lighting when I put my cg characte into my footage. Here's some process images:

the raw images I took on shooting day:

I merged the images from each side into 3 Hdri "sandwiches" in photoshop, then used Hdri Shop to unwrap them. I then put them into photoshop again to stich them together (and remove myself!) so that they could be used for lighting in my scene.

A testrender that shows some early result. I might upload a videoclip too.

I am now dealing with the tracking of the footage I filmed, so that I can put my character into it. I am using Boujou, Nuke and 3Ds max

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