Monday, 9 January 2012

Online journal, entry 06

Per Viggo Bergsvik - Final Year Project
Online journal, entry 06

Christmas is over and a half a year has gone. I don't feel like I have done so much progress since last post, Because I have been struggling with the design of my CG robot. The functionality vs design issue is harder to overcome than I thought, I and I thought it would be hard from the beginning. Every little piece of the model needs to work well with other parts, look consistent with other parts, and function with other parts (as long as it is going to show in my video, that is). I am nearly done on the drawingboard, and will post the final blueprint for my CG robot whet it is done.

One other thing I need to do, is to get the footage lined up, and the shots in order so it fits thae animatic. No easy task. It seems that real footage and stopmotion-like animatics are different from one another. I should not be surprised. I will also post what I have set together when it is done.

Per Viggo Bergsvik

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