Thursday, 15 December 2011

Online journal, entry 05

Per Viggo Bergsvik - Final Year Project
Online journal, entry 05

I am finally done with the filming! It was a crucial part of my project, and a load of my mind to get it over with. I'll go through the whole process

When I first decided that I wanted to do a live action/CG sequence I did not know the first thing about filming with a real camera. there was more to take into consideration than I thought, and I soon learned that I needed a lot of preperation before the final shoot. first I needed to get a camera, a tripod, custom labeled soda can, and most important of all; an actor. I also needed to find a location to shoot at, fitting my needs. The Uni fortunately rents out cameras, tripods, and such, and I got in touch with and actor, James Harris, through Siobhan Fenton, a tutor at the uni. We agreed on meeting up 14. December for the final shoot. I had more than two weeks then to prepare myself. I went on and watched tutorials there on camera technique, and I went out to do some tests. I had my animatic ready with camera angles I wanted, but it was a challenge to do them right when I was out there with the camera. All the settings on the camera like exposure, focus and whitebalance, had to be perfect set, and with the freezing cold november wind my test actor, Espen, soon went impatient. Whe I began filming that day the clock was around 13.00, and We used about 1 1/2 hours there. When I filmed the last shot, the sun had gone down already, and the shots were practically useless. I also found out that some of the shots and camera angles simply didn't work out, and it had to be changed. I really learned a lot from doing those tests. I did a lot of things wrong, and would'nt repeat that when I did my final shoot.

At the 14. december I had prepared a camera from the day before, so that all the preferences were customized to my needs. I had made a "shot sheet" for myself with notes on every shot, and I had made a costum label, that I had printed out in sticky paper, and glued to a soda can. I met up with James Harris 12.00, and he had already prepared himself as I had sent him the manuscript and animatic. Jorgen helped me with the greenscreen that I needed in one of the shots, and had brought his own photo camera and the chrome ball set that we had made earlier, so that we could gather some reflections data afterwards.
James did an excelent job as the main character in my movie, and the shooting was done in an hour or so. I did 42 takes total. Now, only the editing remains. And the simple task of creating a realistic animated CG character..

 Per Viggo