Friday, 25 November 2011

Journal entry 01

Today iv'e begun writing my project specification, and the timetable is soon finished. since this is my very first blogpost I'll go through the process of my project so far, ending with where I am now.

The first weeks at Teesside I tried to figure out what to do in my FY project. Some ideas I had were roughly: An architect vizualisation, fucusing on realistic lighting techniques, An action CG shot with a animated robot transforming from one object into another transformers style. I found out that both of these ideas would be unfit for me as an architect visualisation would be tedious and not challenging, and the transformers robot would be too focused on animation and modelling. I settled for something similar to the last idea though, and heres why:

I thought about it; What interests me, and what do I need to do to get a job where I can work with that?

So, first off, I am interested in concept art, compositing and storytelling, because of the creative aspects of these genres. How can I combine all these into a project? an answer was to make an advert for a fictional product, where I comp a cg character into a footage, thus getting those three genres into one project. One problem with this was that although I know camera handling theory I had never done any professional filming before. But anything can be thaught, right?

The most important and challenging thing from the start has been to find an idea for a commercial. One idea that I have developed was to make an advert for a energy drink named "Dare". It goes like this:

"A man walks down an empty street. He's got a bag over his shoulders and a content expression on him. He reaches for his bag and grabs a can of Dare. He opens the can with a nice loud "k-psch", and and a smile. This is what he's been looking forward to the whole day. he attempts to drink - But then, a voilent earthquake, and a loud horrible metallic roar fills the air. It's over in a second, and the man is shaken up, not knowing what happened, and then a large dark shadow rises behind him, sounding metallic clunky footsteps as it closes in. the man turns slowly around to discover the gigantic black shape blocking the sun. a mechanical beast twice the height of a man looks into his eyes with red glowing eyes. The man, unmovable, stares back in terror. The robot makes the move. Growling with a deep rasping voice, he reaches forward one of his big hands and points his finger at the opened can of Dare the man is holding. He gestures to reach it over. The man, looks down at his can, confused, and looks up again, now with a more weary and contradictive look on his face. It's the can of Dare the robot wants, not him. The robot does not linger. with a twisting metallic sound weapons of all sorts emerges from beneath the thick dark steel plates. Massive missile launchers, bzz-ing laser cannons, rumbling gatling guns and big razor sharp knifes has all it's deadly force pointed at the little man, threatning. And the man, startled, but less afraid and more settled to not give up his drink, looks back with a protective and almost confident look in his eyes. He then takes a sudden glance at the can, before he quickly lifts it to his mouth and drinks.
The Screen goes black. A can of Dare appears on screen with the slogan Drink if you dare
 Back to the street. The man is running fast down the road, with the gogantic robot after him."

This idea I have made a storyboard and animatic with and I think it is doable for one person. It's only a 30 seconds commercial. I will count some of the work (hdri and lighting) in another module, contemporary studies in games, to get as much time as possible. I have made a lot of concept drawings for the Cg character I want to create, which I will post at another occation. I have also been figuring out which 3d software to use. It stands between Blender 2.5 and 3Ds max. I've looked into camera filming and tracking and Hdr imagery lately, because I haven't worked with neither of those areas, and need to be prepared when I do my project.

And that's where I am at this point. Conclusion: storyboard is almost done, concept art is almost done, and preparation for filming and finding a spot to shoot is next on my agenda. This was a long post. phew!

Per Viggo Bergsvik

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